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"Excuse Me Sir, Who's in Charge Here?"

by Lucy Renfrew


The air was thick with tension in the Chicago headquarters of the

U.S. Marshals Service. A bust had gone bad that afternoon and a dangerous

fugitive the team had been pursuing for months had slipped through their

net. They limped back to the office, exhausted, disappointed, disheartened.

One by one, they threw furtive and somewhat bitter glances at Noah Newman,

the youngest member of the team. An error in judgment on Newman's part at a

critical moment had cost them their man, and they knew he would have some

explaining to do to their boss, Sam Gerard.

The team filtered into the room, each going to his or her own

respective desk. They removed their Kevlar body armor and sat down to begin

the mountain of paperwork awaiting them, activities which were often

accompanied by loud voices and laughter when things had gone well. Today,

however, everyone was silent.

Noah felt their eyes on him and pressed his lips together tightly.

Damnit to hell, he thought to himself. I let everybody down. He gave the

side of his metal desk a savage kick, and the force of the blow reverberated

through the room like a gong. He slumped down in his chair, swiping some

papers from the top of the desk. They floated in the air for a moment like

confetti before gently wafting to the ground. They're all going to think

I'm a stupid goddamned kid, he thought, mentally going over the details of

his screw up. He had no excuses, he had just plain been careless. Berating

himself, he crossed his arms on his desktop and plopped his head down.

Sam Gerard was the last to enter the room. He strode among the

desks, anger adding even more electricity to his already confident swagger.

As he walked, he clenched and unclenched his fists, his face glowering. Oh

shit, Cosmo Renfro thought. Newman's gonna get reamed.

Gerard stopped at Newman's desk and studied the dejected youth. He

was disappointed in Noah's performance, and mad as hell at his carelessness.

The kid's got the makings of a class A Marshal, Sam thought disgustedly.

What the fuck happened out there?!

Noah sensed Gerard's presence but did not look up. "Newman!" Gerard

barked. Noah brought his head up sharply, surprised by the intensity of

Gerard's voice, and paled when he saw the fury in his eyes. "We need to

talk. Get in the conference room, now!" Gerard jammed his fists deep into

the pockets of his USMS jacket and stormed off.

Sighing, Newman dragged himself to his feet and followed in Gerard's

angry wake. He knew he was about to be dressed down severely, and was

thankful at least that Gerard had chosen the conference room in which to do

it. It was the only room in the headquarters that was enclosed and had a

heavy wooden door. At least the others won't have to listen to me being

bawled out, he thought wearily.

"Close the door," Gerard ordered, then for a moment said nothing.

Newman leaned against the long conference table, waiting. Finally, Gerard

turned to him and crossed his arms. "What happened out there today?" he


After some hesitation, Newman replied softly, "I fucked up, Sammy.

I'm sorry."

"You fucked up. You're sorry," Gerard repeated slowly.

Anger began to burn in Newman's chest. "Yeah. What else do you

want me to say?"

"You did more than fuck up, Newman! You cost us several month's

work! God only knows when we're going to be that close to him again. How

are you gonna feel when you open the paper next week and find out he's

murdered another teenager? Huh? You're gonna like knowing that's a direct

result of your screw up?"

Newman said nothing, but his fury was building. He knew it was his

fault the bust had gone sour, nothing Gerard was saying was news to him.

"Cut me a break, Sammy..." he started.

"Cut you a break? Cut me a fucking break! Why the hell should I

cut you a break, kid?" Gerard bellowed.

Newman tensed and straightened. "Don't talk to me like that,

Sammy," he hissed. "I don't like it."

"Yeah?" Gerard challenged, unimpressed. "What're you going to do

about it?"

Anger crackled in the air between the two men. Newman stepped

forward suddenly and grabbed Gerard as if to shake him. Gerard was caught

off guard by his protégé's move, and for a moment, a flicker of fear passed

behind his eyes. Newman noticed it and realized, for that split second, he

had a measure of power over his boss. It thrilled him, and he pulled Gerard

to him suddenly, thrusting his tongue in Gerard's mouth.

Gerard tried to rear back, but Newman grabbed the back of his head

and held him still. Of the two, Gerard was the larger and stronger, yet

something made him decide not to struggle. Newman grabbed a handful of

Gerard's hair and pulled their faces apart. "Get on your knees," he

commanded through clenched teeth, wrenching Gerard's head back until his

lips went white with pain.

Slowly, Gerard sank to the floor, Newman's hand still entwined

painfully in his hair. With his other hand, Newman unzipped his blue jeans

and pulled out his hardening penis. He looked down at Gerard and saw

surprise as well as his own arousal reflected in his boss's eyes. Newman

glanced at the closed door for a moment, then realized none of the other

members of the team would dare disturb them for fear of bringing Gerard's

wrath down on their own heads. So he grasped the shaft of his throbbing

penis and placed the head against Gerard's closed lips. "Open your mouth,"

he ordered.

Gerard hesitated for a moment, until Newman tightened his grip on

his hair and pushed his face closer. "Do it," Newman spat.

Gerard opened his mouth and Newman thrust his erection deep into his

boss's throat. Gerard gagged for a moment and tried to pull back, but

Newman held him firmly in place. "Suck me, Sammy," Newman demanded softly.

Gerard, unsure at first what to do, began seesawing his neck front to back,

his wide, thick tongue caressing the large vein on the bottom of Newman's

engorged penis. Newman moaned and began moving his hips to match Gerard's

rhythm, fucking his mouth. Soon his grip loosened on Gerard's hair, and Sam

brought one hand up to clasp the base of Newman's erection. With his other

hand, he began to rub at the painful, throbbing lump in his own Wrangler's.

Newman threw his head back and groaned loudly, amazed and

exhilarated at the sudden control he was wielding over his normally

intensely forceful boss. Gerard seemed to have been born to suck cock, and

the changing pressures, angles and suction he employed astounded Newman.

Gerard first drew him back far into his mouth, then pulled his head back

until only the sensitive apex of Newman's penis was standing on his tongue.

He suckled the tip for a moment, then plunged all the way down

on the shaft again until his nose was pressed firmly into Newman's abdomen.

He repeated the pattern over and over again, bobbing up and down on Noah's

dick like a well-oiled piston. No woman had ever gone down on him so well.

A powerful orgasm began to build at the base of Noah's spine.

Gerard, sensing the boy's climax from his moans and twitching hips,

encircled the base of Newman's penis with his large thumb and forefinger,

jerking him off even as he continued sliding him in and out of his mouth.

The intensity of Newman's orgasm continued to build until finally he gushed

into Gerard's mouth, pumping what felt like quarts of semen deep in his

boss's gullet. Gerard swallowed hard.

After Newman's orgasm subsided, neither moved for a moment. Then

Noah, realizing the enormity of what had just transpired between them,

quickly released his grip on Gerard's hair and turned away. "I'm sorry,

Sammy," he murmured, his face flushed. "I...I don't know what got into me."

Gerard stood up slowly, wiping a few dots of jism from his chin. As

Newman struggled to push his now flaccid penis back into his jeans, Gerard

took his arm. "Wait," he said. Newman looked up, confused. Gerard

unbuttoned Noah's jeans and pulled them over his hips. "We're not finished

here, not yet. Turn around." Newman did so, a combination of fear and

anticipation coursing through him, quickening his pulse.

Gerard reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out the

small bottle of oil he used to clean and polish his Glock. With one hand,

he dribbled a stream of the oil on Newman's ass and slipped his large

fingers between the cheeks, rubbing it against his asshole. With the other,

he unbuttoned his own jeans and pulled them down mid-thigh. His erection

was huge. Noah glanced over his shoulder at it and for a moment felt a cold

fear shoot through him. How on earth would his virgin asshole handle that


"My God, Sammy," he stammered, his eyes growing round with

apprehension. "Don't..."

But Gerard paid little heed to Newman's protest. Smearing the

remaining oil from his fingers on his penis, he grabbed Noah's hip with one

hand and with the other pressed himself against Noah's ass. Slowly, he

began to push past the strong muscles of Noah's sphincter. "Relax, Newman,"

he gasped, amazed at the way the young man's muscles felt as they slid past

the sensitive head of his dick. "You started this. Now I'm gonna finish

it." Newman cried out in pain for a moment, and then Gerard was inside of

him, pushing in more quickly now, driven by pleasure and need. In a

detached part of his mind, he wanted to inflict this pain on his protégé,

teach him a lesson for his insolence. He had given the kid some of his

authority, for just a moment. Now he needed to get it back.

He placed both hands on Noah's hips and began move him back and

forth on his dick, thrusting in and out, over and over, harder and harder.

Noah bucked back against him, moaning sounds that were half tortured and

half impassioned. Gerard threw his head back and drew his breaths between

tightly clenched teeth, his eyes screwed shut, oblivious to everything

around him except the clasp of Noah's tight, ridged asshole. Then suddenly

he stopped.

He gasped for a moment, attempting to catch his breath. Noah

attempted to straighten up, but Gerard placed a hand on his back, pinning

him down on the table. Once more, Gerard drove his penis into Noah's ass to

the hilt. "I want you to flex those muscles, Noah. As hard as you can."

Noah was confused for a moment, then, in a dawning of understanding,

began to flex his sphincter muscles. At first it was difficult because

Gerard's erection was so large, but Noah bore down on him as tightly as he

could. Gerard groaned. Noah's ass tightened around him like a hand,

placing a wonderful, unbearably pleasant pressure on his tender, engorged

penis. Noah squeezed tighter, and Gerard suddenly began thrusting as hard

as he could, burying himself over and over into Noah's tight ass until he

could stand it no more. The orgasm, when it hit, was so intense Gerard

could see only flashes of white light for a moment, and he grunted like an

animal, again and again, a deep, guttural noise.

When it was over, neither man moved. Gerard stood gasping for a

moment, trying to catch his breath. Then he seemed to come back to himself

and, spreading Noah's cheeks, pulled out his still semi-hard penis. A long

stream of his juice leaked down the back of Newman's leg as he pulled his

jeans up over his painfully throbbing anus. It was

difficult for him to straighten up. Neither man spoke as they dressed and

tried to compose themselves. Gerard's breathing finally slowed.

"About the bust...." he said a few moments later, his face still


"Yeah...." Newman replied, unable to look his boss in the eye.

"What happened?"

Newman looked at Gerard, surprised. "What do you mean, what

happened? I already told you, I fucked up."

Anger began to flash in Gerard's eyes again. "You could have gotten

someone killed! You could have gotten yourself killed! You EVER do

something so stupid again...." He strode to the conference room door and

flung it open. "Cooper!" he bellowed. "Get me a breath mint!"

* * *