Authors:  Sarah and little Alex
Title:  Meeting Alex Krycek
Date:  November 1999
Feedback:  You need to ask?!  Sarah ( and little Alex
Disclaimer:  The boys aren't ours, but we wish that they were.
Summary:  terma November round-robin challenge
Note:  Now, try to figure out which parts are whose. <g>  No, it doesn't go
by paragraphs.


I stretch on the bed, my arm accidentally hitting the figure still sleeping
beside me.  God, it's morning again.  What?  Yeah, I'm not a morning person.
  Mornings just... piss me off.  Actually, I did like mornings when I was a
kid, but not any more.  When I was a kid, mornings meant going to school and
meeting my friends.  Mornings meant that I could hang out with Jimmy, that
cute little boy with his peculiar lopsided smile.  But that's before I was
fourteen, when Dad hadn't known about my kissing other boys in his and Mom's
bedroom.  Actually, that was a really bad period of my life; I'd rather not
talk about it.

Hmm, what should we talk about then?  Oh, the handsome guy sleeping beside
me.  Well, I don't have much to say, you know.  He's cute and a good fuck;
that's all you need to know.  His name?  His name is Mulder, I think.  Fox
Mulder.  Isn't that such a silly name?  Foxy Fox Mulder.  But he doesn't
like my calling him that.  I wonder why.  Oh, *my* name?  My name is Alex
Krycek.  Hello, nice to meet you.

What, you don't want to shake hands with me?  No, you do want to shake
hands? Then why...  Oh, that.  Sorry, I didn't realize that I've cum on my
hands.  Wait here, don't go; I'm just going to drop by the bathroom.  Stop
staring at my butt!  I know it's the tightest ass you've ever seen, thank
you.  Just don't stare at it.  What did you say?  That's all there to stare
with when my back's toward you?  Then don't look at me at all!  Look at that
cute foxy Fox still in the bed.

Yes, look at Fox Foxy Mulder all snuggled and asleep in bed.  It's only been
a week since we have been partners and already we're sleeping together. 
Damn, he's easy.  What's that you say?  I'm not putting up much of a fight?
Well, obviously, I'm a slut. That and my employer told me to seduce him. 
Seeing that *he* seduced me, so much the better. Did I mention what a great
fuck he is? Oh right, I did. Hey, can't blame a guy for having a one-tracked
mind. I'm actually liking this assignment.  I get to hang around here in
D.C., in a fully furnished, fully paid-for apartment, having meaningless sex
with a gorgeous guy I'm not likely to see again after this job is over. 
*And *get to shoot a gun and act like a macho G-man. Life is good. What was
that? I'm a self-absorbed asshole? Why, thank you.

Who's my employer, you ask.  Well, he's this old man who smokes like a
chimney.  Good that he doesn't want me to suck his dick, 'cause I can never
do it.  Just looking at him makes my stomach turn.  Hmm?  Hey, just 'cause
I'm a slut doesn't mean I don't have any taste!  There're things even *I*
won't do for money.

But it's not actually money that they're paying me, you know.  It's
information.  If you know what I know, you definitely won't be sitting
there, looking at me as if you couldn't care less about me or the people I
work for.  You'd... you'd be screaming and running away, I think.  No, I
*know* you'd be.  Oh, you're actually interested now, aren't you?  Well, it
has a lot to do with this gorgeous guy sleeping in the bed.  He's a FBI
agent, you know.  Yes, I know that sounds 'highly unlikely,' but it's true. 
And he's the most intelligent guy I know, too.  Well, maybe with the
exception of yours truly sitting right here.

Now, stop begging; damn it!  No, I can't tell you everything.  No, not even
a little.  Okay, maybe a little.  Well, like I said, they want information. 
I'm supposed to keep the Foxy Fox busy until they have enough time to obtain
it.  You know, they don't really tell me much. I've no damn clue what's
going on, only that something's going down and fast.  I've a feeling they're
gonna be taking me off of this case soon.  They keep talking about 'taking
all necessary precautions.'

Well then, I better soak up every bit of him I can get, shouldn't I?  'Cause
after I leave, I'll probably never get to have him again.  Ah damn, I'm
gonna miss that tight ass, his grabbing my shoulders, digging his nails in
as I pound into him.  Oh fuck, I'm hard now.  Yes, you heard me right.  Now,
if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to wake up my man for some melt-down

Go away.  That's right.  Shoo.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to drop you a
postcard, letting you know how everything turns out.  See ya.

The End