Title: Two of a Kind
Author: Birgitt Schuknecht
Fandom: Due South
Rating: PG (slash)
Pairing: Ray Vecchio/Benton Fraser
Category: Humour
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me. This is a work of
fanfiction and no copyright infringements are intended.
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Spoilers: none
Teaser: Ray Vecchio and Benton Fraser at the beginning of their greatest
July 1999

Two of a Kind
by Birgitt Schuknecht

After all the adoption had run smoothly enough. It had been a long time
full of hopes and fears, laughter and tears. But now Ray Vecchio and
Benton Fraser were a totally happy couple. Here little baby daughter was
at home with them. And they enjoyed every single minute of their new
life. Especially Ray - ever the sceptic - didn't want to believe that
their dream had come true before he held the little one in his arms,
very carefully, eager not to harm her in any way. It had been a long
way, but finally the many letters of recommendation had convinced the
authorities that they, Detective Raymond Vecchio and Constable Benton
Fraser were able to raise this tiny cute thing into a respectable
citizen of the United States. Even Inspector Thatcher had provided a
suitable recommendation. Ray still couldn't believe how Fraser had
talked the Dragon Lady into doing this. That woman surely had a soft
spot on the Mountie.

After they had settled in they chose a name for the new family member.
After a heated discussion they agreed upon calling her Alison. Both Ray
and Benny didn't want any name connecting this new life with anything
from their pasts - be it happy or sad memories. They all should have the
chance of a new start.

One of the most cherished new responsibilities for Benny and Ray was
looking after the baby during the night. Each time Alison gave as much
as a little sigh the two men raced out of their bedroom to check on her.
They didn't mind spending whole nights at the bedside of her little
daughter. No, on the contrary, both men tried to be faster than the
other, priviledged to hold Alison on his arms for another happy moment.

After a few nights Ray was desperate. With his superior physical skills
the Mountie regularly beat him in their nightly races. He decided that
he had to use brains instead. After putting his plans into reality he
smiled inwardly to himself. This time the Mountie wouldn't win!

Like all nights before, little Alison woke up about midnight. Both men
were up in a second, the Mountie entering Alison's room well ahead of
Ray. He stopped dead in his tracks. Stunned he stared into room, missing
the decisive element: Alison wasn't there! As he heard the tender voice
of his lover talking to their baby realisation dawned on him. In the
next moment he was in the living room, staring angrily at Ray who had
Alison on his arms, with a devilish grin on his face. "Now, Benny, I
thought a Mountie will always get his man. I'm glad that you failed on
this little woman here."

Benny looked like he was on the brink of murder. But finally a smile
crept on his face - Ray with Alison in his arms was too touching a
picture. He let himself down on the sofa and Ray joined him with their
child. His grin had turned into a real smile, radiating his face in a
way Benny had not seen before.

"You know what, Ray? We should have adopted twins. That would spare us a
lot of trouble. I'm getting to old for your tricks!" Ray's smile became
even more intense. "Maybe next time, Benny. I ever wanted a big family
of my own!"

The End

Author's note: This story was inspired by a friend of mine when he told
me he was going to be a father of twins next year in February. The happy
smile on his face was incredible and I couldn't resist using it in a
story. This is the first piece of slash I've ever written and feedback
will be much appreciated.