This one I wrote before my slashy time. At least I thought it wasn't
slashy. It wasn't supposed to be slashy. But feedback made me reading it
over again. And now you can label it slash if you want. Perhaps I had it
in me always...


Title: Waiting for...
Author: Birgitt Schuknecht
Fandom: Due South
Rating: G
Pairing: Fraser/Vecchio
Category: Challenge/Humour
Disclaimer: The characters used in this story are not mine. This is
piece of fiction written for fun only and I will not make any profits
out of it.
Spoilers: none
Teaser: Ray Vecchio and Benton Fraser are waiting...

Waiting for...
by Birgitt Schuknecht

Author's Note: The following piece is an answer to one of the challenges
given out by VOYAGERBABE.
CHALLENGE: Write a story using only dialogue.
CHALLENGE: Write a story where RAY has to dress in drag like Benny did
in "Some Like It Red."

Vecchio: Benny?
Fraser: Yes, Ray?
Vecchio: Can you give me the time?
Fraser: It's exactly 7.15 pm. And it's only two minutes later since the
last time you asked.
Vecchio: I'm sorry, Benny. But I do hate to wait.
Fraser: I can understand that, Ray. But with all the stakeouts you've
done already, you surely will be used to it now.
Vecchio: That I had to do thousands of stakeouts does not mean that I
like it to do them. In fact, I hate it.
Fraser: Oh dear!
Vecchio: Yes. And this is no stakeout, Benny.
Fraser: No, Ray.
Vecchio: This is different. Totally different. Nothing to do with my
job. I wouldn't mind if it was for the job.
Fraser: You wouldn't, Ray?
Vecchio: No, Benny, I swear I wouldn't. If it was for the good of the
people of Chicago...
Fraser: But it is, Ray, it is!
Vecchio: Why then is it that the Dragon Lady refused to let us take one
of the consulate cars?
Fraser: Because it's not an official occasion. The same reason
Lieutenant Welsh gave you, I believe.
Vecchio: Don't remind me on this. 'That's your private crap, Vecchio,'
was all it got me. I'd preferred to keep this little piece of
information from the precinct.
Fraser: I'm sure you supervising officer has the decency to forget about
Vecchio: Yeah, right, you might be sure. I know that the guys will know
of it in no time. Rooms have ears. At least when it's me who's talking
with Welsh.
Fraser: You're paranoid, Ray!
Vecchio: Me paranoid? Me? Benny, Benny, just think one minute of all the
cases you dragged me in...
Fraser: Your career hasn't suffered from it...
Vecchio: Far from it, Benny, far from it! But my nerves did. It ain't no
wonder that I get a little jumpy when you turn up with that puppy eyes
Fraser: Puppy eyes look?
Vecchio: You know exactly what I mean. But I don't want to whine...
Fraser: Hear, hear!
Vecchio: What's that supposed to mean?
Fraser: Now, Ray...
Vecchio: Ahhh, forget it. What annoys me most is the fact that you
tricked me dressing up like a Miss Kansas 1959.
Fraser: I did not trick. It was your idea to draw straws.
Vecchio: That seemed only to be fair.
Fraser: So?
Vecchio: So? OK, Benny, let me get this clear. You came to me with that
Pleaaase-Ray-look, telling me of the Summer Dancing of the local Home
for Animals. They asked you to open the dance and you could not turn
down the plea because it was not appropriate. Only that you forgot to
mention that you lack a partner for the dance. I won't remind you of the
fact that there's a crowd of appropriate *female* partners just waiting
for you to ask them if they want to date you for a dance. So you asked
me to be your partner. And I...
Fraser: You said no way!
Vecchio: Yeah, that was my final answer. Everybody would have accept
that. But not Benton Fraser. You made me feel miserable for a couple of
Fraser: It was only for one day
Vecchio: Don't argue with me! Than I said OK, we draw straws. I lose, I
would go as your 'sweetheart', I win, I wouldn't.
Fraser: And you lost!
Vecchio: That's not the point, Benny. Good friend as you are...
Fraser: Thank you kindly, Ray.
Vecchio: ... good friend as you are, you shouldn't have accepted my
offer in the first place. You should have known that I hate it to do
Fraser: Oh dear!
Vecchio: Yep! That's it! Oh dear!
Fraser: I'm sorry, Ray.
Vecchio: And that's not all. No, the Riv gets one of his moods, right
this morning. And with Al returning not before Monday next...
Fraser: Ray, the bus station is directly in front of the animal shelter.

Vecchio: What good does that do me now? We are sitting here for more
than half an hour waiting for that damned bus to turn up! A fine sunny
evening, the whole neighbourhood promenading along this damned street,
taking a good look at me, making a fool out of myself!
Fraser: Would it help if I held your hand?
Vecchio: Oh dear!