Welcome to the Witness List.

This is a slash fan fiction and discussion list for TV Shows and Movies
around law enforcement characters and members of the legal profession.

All posted fiction messages should include:
Ratings/Warnings -- G-NC17, warnings for violence, kink, death, rape
Name of the fandom/fandoms that are being slashed
Permission to archive the story (if applicable), and a short summary describing the story to be put on the website.

Example TV Shows: The Practice, Law and Order, Due South, X-Files, Profiler,
Homicide: LotS, NYPD Blue, 21 Jump Street, Ally McBeal, JAG, Hill Street Blues,
LA Law, Night Court, Wild Wild West, Once a Thief, Miami Vice, Heat of the Night,
CHiPs, The Commish, The Sentinel

Example Movies: US Marshals, Lethal Weapon

Unacceptable characters (unless slashed with cops or lawyers): Vigilantes
(Buffy, the Equalizer), Spies (James Bond), Shadow Governments/Powers

Crossovers are acceptable and encouraged. All stories should involve a
non-canon, same sex pairing where one character is either a lawyer or law

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Thanks from your list moderators,
District Attorney, Barbara Webb -- bwebb@frontierz.com
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