What We're all Reading

What I write (or am trying to): SWAT Kats (first, foremost and longest),
The Sentinel, Stargate, Road Rovers, Disney's Gargoyles, 7 Days, Reboot
(maybe, there's a couple stories fighting to be written even though I
barely watch the show), Batman The Animated Series, Dinosausers, Extreme
Dinosaurs, Highlander, Moo Mesa, Siegfried and Roy (the cartoon
mini-series), Team Night Rider and Original Fiction in a lot of genres.
I write multiple pairings in most of my fandoms and the list is not
complete, just what I can remember off the top of my head. I have *way*
too many interests for my own good.

What I read: Not much any more (too little time). I'll give anything a
try, but gravitate towards the fandoms I know at least a little (whether
through FanFic or viewing), focusing on Highlander (Duncan/ Methos),
X-Files (Mulder/ Kryek), anything NC-17 Furry.

I also write and read both Het, Slash and the stuff harder to identify.
A little bit of everything.

Rauhnee Ranshanka; Listhood SWAT Kat, GateKat and Katmin

I plead guilty to reading (with intent to enjoy) cop and scifi slash:
XFiles, Homicide LOTS, Law and Order, Spenser for Hire, Sherlock
Holmes, Due South, Starsky and Hutch; Stargate, Trek, Battlestar
Galactica. I started out with Highlander and still read it on

Thanks to the moderators for starting the list; it's fun to find a
variety of related fandoms under one cyber-roof.



My primary fandoms are: The Professionals, Starsky and Hutch, Due
South (very recent!), Man From UNCLE, L. A. Heat (very recent).

I have been published in "The Professionals" and "Starsky/Hutch". I am
just trying my hand at "Due South" (I have very rough drafted three
stories); Man From UNCLE (rough drafted my first one); L.A. Heat
(again, rough drafted first one).

Other fandoms I am into are: K/S (I have several stories in this
fandom, it was my first); and Highlander: The Series (my first
Duncan/Methos poem was published in a recent Highlander zine; I am also
working on a Duncan/Joe); and Holmes/Watson (I am working on a
Highlander: The Series-Holmes/Watson cross over.

Jatona Walker

My primary fandoms right now are Law & Order, Due South, X-Files, Homicide,
Buffy and Sentinel. I'm also into Twin Peaks, Professionals, Once a Thief,
Poltergeist, Millennium... the list goes on. :)

Writing-wise, I've written Law & Order, Due South, and Twin Peaks, with a
couple of X-Files and Pros crossovers tossed in. I'm currently embroiled in
my magnum opus, a Law & Order first-time story, and once that's done I've
got some Due South stories clamoring for attention.

Funny thing, until I heard about this list I'd never really realized that
*all* my stories are based on cop shows of one kind or another. Maybe it's
just that cop shows are so eminently slashable, all that testosterone
surging around, just needing to go *somewhere*...:)

Fiction: http://www.nashville.com/~dorothy/marley.htm

Hi, all! I'm a long time fan of both SF/F and 'tec fiction
and media, altho I had taken a couple of decades off from
serious fandom from the mid-sixties through the early
eighties for RL stuff. I was fascinated to see the advent of
virtual forums for SF/F fandom in the 80's, from which I have
derived an infinite amount of enjoyment. In the early 90's,
"Forever Knight" was the temptation I couldn't resist that
seduced me into really fannish 'Net circles, which, as they
have the habit of doing, seem to keep on expanding infinitely
in both size and scope.

It seems like mystery/detective/cop fan interests were represented
mostly by lists discussing the literary versions for a long time,
but that has changed dramatically with the advent of WWW technology,
and I'm happy to see so much fan activity revolving around favorite
cop/'tec/action shows now, including: Pros (still the greatest
fandom, IMO ;-), Sentinel, Homicide, Law & Order, Dalziel & Pascoe,
SoF, Profiler, Walker, etc. "Fugitive" --the film version-- has
become a new favorite, too. And, while I have some favorites,
basically I've never seen a cop show I wouldn't watch from Highway
Patrol and Dragnet and Adam 12 to Robocop and X-Files to Pacific Blue
and Sins of the City. Even Viper if there's nothing else on. <g>
Probably for the same reasons, I like to "graze" in multi-media
zine fiction, and I thought this list's topic sounded very
eclectic and appealing.

Pam R.

I write a mixture of stuff, though I haven't been writing
much fiction in the last year because I'm back in
graduate school. But I've written in X-Files, Murder One,
Babylon 5, Psi Factor, Due South, Homicide, Highlander,
Poltergeist: The Legacy...

I love mystery, science and science fiction and the
paranormal. It's a bit of a dichotomy - for real life I'm
a very earth-bound scientist type person, but I love to
read about weird stuff for entertainment. Go figure...

I'm interested in forensics and medical detective work,
as well as criminal investigation. So I'll read stories
in all of those areas. Guess that's why the X-Files is a
big favorite of mine.


I started in Star Trek: TNG, then I moved into Highlander: the Series. I've
dabbled in Sentinel and Parker/Stone (the two guys who created South
Park..the fandom is quite huge!), and then I finally found my true calling in
due South. However, I do find myself strangely drawn towards Starsky & Hutch,
although I'm trying to fight it.

What do I read? I always read my favorite authors, no matter who they're
writing, but otherwise, at this point, I'm reading a little HL, a little Sen,
a little Pros and S&H, occasionally a MUNCLE or two, and a lot of dS.

What am I writing? Right now it's dS. I've written HL and Sen.


From: steven64@kua.net (Steven Acevedo)

While I am not a regular watcher of cop/lawyer shows I find myself
enjoying a lot of The Due South slash stories featuring Benton Fraser
and Ray Vecchio and The Law And Order ones featuring Mike Logan and
Jack McCoy. They make for some interesting colorful reading in my

I'd like to read some on The Commish but can't seem to find any on the

I *love* Trig's Logan/McCoy stories. As a writer, too, I'd like to get my
hands (metaphorically speaking :)) on Logan and McCoy. I think they've got
a *lot* in common, and I think they'd be a very intense pair.

>I'd like to read some on The Commish but can't seem to find any on the

I don't know of any purely Commish stories, but I've seen Ricky Caruso
appear in a couple of other stories, most recently in Blarney Stone's Due
South story "Manly Men." It should be available on her page:


I also recall reading an X-Files story that involved almost every character
Nicholas Lea has ever played, including Caruso, but it's been a *long*
time, and I can't remember the title or author.

(Not, of course, that I've paid attention to any stories featuring Nicholas
Lea's characters...or put Caruso in an L&O story as Logan's first partner,

Fiction: http://www.nashville.com/~dorothy/marley.htm

My favorite fandoms are also my favorite television shows:
Homicide: Life on the Street
Miami Vice (Sonny Crockett/Rico Tubbs)
Law & Order (Mike Logan/Jack McCoy)

Since discovering the wonderful world of slash/fanfic, I have began reading other
fandoms, even though I wasn't previously fans of the television show. I have
watched The Sentinel a few times to check out this relationship between Blair and
Jim. Very interesting, to say the least. I thought people were *possibly*
reading something into it, but after viewing the show for myself, they're on the
mark. I also started watching The X-Files after reading some _excellent_
Mulder/Krycek slash. After watching the show, I've become a fan of
Mulder/Skinner slash. I can COMPLETELY see where the angst lies (in Mulder's
eyes). I think he should plant a big wet, one on Walter for the season finale.
*swoon - swoon* I can dream, can't I?

I have always loved the show Homicide but once I discovered the stories, I
haven't been able to look at the show the same way. My favorite slash from
H:LOTS are Tim/Frank (few written), Mike/Meldrick, Mike/Tim, and Tim/Meldrick
(very, VERY few that I can find). Guess I covered them all. I like the stories
that are case based but I _love_ the stories that revolve around the relationship
of the characters. The characters on the show went through situations that
either brought them closer together or drover them further apart. It's
interesting to see these situations from the show evolve into deeper personal
relationships between the characters.

I also love Miami Vice - Sonny/Rico slash. I have discovered the wonderful world
of Elfin and she's excellent. Watching the tapes of MV, I can see where the
relationship could have evolved. (Hope I'm not the only person who does this!)
I watch the shows through different eyes once I have read some particularly
compelling slash. I like to see where the story originated and most of the time,
I can. There are some awesome authors out there.

Anyone out there who can point me out to more H:LOTS slash, please let me know.

Holli - who's hoping she'll get the inspiration to writer her own story

From: "Alex Y. Kwan" alexmountain@hotmail.com

Hi, everyone,

I've always loved courtroom dramas and have recently hooked myself on
cops shows, too. And then I read Hth's story "Lawyered Up" and whole
new possibilities appeared. When I saw the link to this list on her page, I
knew I wanted to join. And here I am... <g>

Uh, My fav shows: the Practice, Law and Order, X-Files, Ally McBeal, Once a
Thief, 21 Jump Street, NYPD Blue, Homocide: LotS, uh, can't think of
anything else...

I hope you don't mind if I lurk a bit at first. I'll try to join in as much
as I can after I got the hang of this. Thank you. Bye.

from little Alex

K, thought I'd respond for giggles. I write in several fandoms. here goes,
Alias Smith And Jones, Blake 7, Sentinel, High Chapparal, LA heat, Space
Above and Beyond, First wave, Barretta, X-files, 7 Days, Poltergiest....and
have just begun a bit for Seaquest <Adult ELF fic> and a round robin for Red
Dwarf.. Think that's it. Most of my bits can be found on the WWOMB

I'm archivst here...found this list through a story of Barb's that led to
her website <Hi Barb>

As for what I read, well you'll just have to say abut anything. I read or
at the very least skim everything that goes up on the site which at last
count was handling around 60 fandoms.



My pleasure definitely falls in Homicide: Life on the
Street. More specifically the slashing of Detective
Kellerman with Detective Lewis. I write for some slash
lists, and I've been waiting to write something where I can
breech more of the legal side to Homicide. So I guess it
hasn't changed much since I posted last time.

Other stuff I love to read and sigh over--

due South I watch ocassionally and I know the characters,
but for some reason I have this Turnbull/Kowalski fetish.

X-Files: Like above, Pendrell slash is just so sweet to me.
I always like the cute underdogs.

Those are the main shows I really have watched long enough
to get a good grip on the fiction and the truth behind the
pairings. Or not so truth.


"What does he live in now? A cardboard box?"
--Kowalski on Turnbull's living arrangements.

Oh, bloody hell, the list seems endless <g>

Let's think. Well, cutting it down to the ones that qualify for this
list eliminates some. I've written X-Files (Mulder/Krycek - it's gotta
have my Rat in it <g>). I've also written a Han/Luke Star Wars piece -
since you mentioned Jedi fitting the bill for here.

I'm busy writing a Law & Order/Hercules-Xena crossover. Yes, you *did*
read that right <g> Don't ask, it's very confusing.

When it comes to reading, I'll drop anything if a Mike Logan slash story
comes along. The same for Rafe out of Sen. Gotta have Rafe! Gotta have
Rafe! Gotta have Rafe! Jim/Blair I can take or leave, but if involves
Rafe, then I am *there*.

And, colour me strange and hit me with a wet kipper, but I seem to be
getting severely into the Skinner/Krycek pairing. I can't read Sk/M, but
Sk/K is starting to push major buttons <g>

~Clan Denial - We didn't see it. It didn't happen.~
~Ratgirls (and Ratboys ;-) of the world unite - Alex Krycek is the truth
Fox Mulder is looking for.~
~Methos Watcher - because let's admit it, he's *worth* watching ;-)~
~Ares: God of War - Woof!~

From: Pegleg0721@aol.com

Hi Barbara,
  Sence site is called The Witness List, does that mean you want only the
shows that have cops, and lawyers in them?  Well first of all I like all
types of fanfic.  My favorite type is slash though.  So I would love to see
The Sentinel, Law and Order, Forever Knight, Homicide life on the Streets,
Simon and Simon, Houston Knights, Magnificent Seven in the ATF-AU realm. Also
Miami Vice and Magnum P.I.  I think also, Walker-Texas Ranger, Sons of
Thunder, Nash Bridges, Due South, (like Kowlski!) A-Team, The Pretender, The
Profiler.  I have other fanfics I read too but they are not in the cop or
lawyer catogory.  I for one don't like the lawyer shows such as Ally McBeal,
Practice or such.  I know they are popular shows but not my style.  So those
are what I like anyway.  Was this any help.   To much huh??!!!   Take care
Thank you,
Connie Linck
back to lurking.  you proably wish i stayed lurking tooo! 


Delurking again, I like in Homicide -Lewis/ Kellerman!!! My fav, and Due

South, Fraser/Kowlski, Miami Vice, Crockett/Tubbs. Law and Order,

McCoy/Logan. The Sentinel, Jim/Blair. Sons of Thunder, Carlos/Trent.

Houston Knights, LaFiamma/Lundy. Forever Knight, Nick/LaCroix. A-Team,

Face/Murdock. Magnificent 7,ATF-AU, Chris/Vin. I think that was all of

them. Opiniated aren't I. (hahaha) Thank you though for reading anyway.

Take care.

Connie Linck

From: JBland16@aol.com

Guess I should delurk also. For writing, I only do Buffy slash,

specifically Giles/Xander. It's the only fandom I feel comfortable enough

with canon to write in.

For reading, well I'll read just about any slash, but I lean towards all

Buffy slash, of any incarnation, Voyager (Chakotay/Paris, and Tuvok/Kim),

Highlander (any slash pairing that doesn't have MacLeod), X-Files

(Skinner/Krycek, Langly/Byers), Sentinel, X-Men, Sports Night, Due South

(Fraser/Kowalski), and Law and Order (McCoy/Logan).

And I've just proven to myself that I spend too much time with this hobby.


From: "JANET ELLICOTT" <janet.ellicott@virgin.net>

About all I'm reading these days is "Sentinel" and "Stargate". Occasionally, however, I'll spot a story for a show I used to like, or by an author whose other work I've enjoyed, and read that for a change. I'm only actively looking for Stargate and Sentinel stuff at the moment though.

Janet Ellicott

From: Birgitt Schuknecht <Birgitt.Schuknecht@uni-essen.de>

> What fandoms are everyone here interested in? Not just writers, but all > you readers and lurkers too -- if anything, you all are the most > important, being the audience and all.

I only write Due South (although that may change), but I also love to read Starsky and Hutch, Xfiles, Star Wars, Miami Vice and The Professionals.

This list may change any day.

Ciao, Birgitt

From: "Alex Y. Kwan" <alexmountain@hotmail.com>

>From: "Barbara J. Webb" <magik@socket.net> > >What fandoms are everyone here interested in?

Reading that fits this list: 21 Jump Street

Homocide: LotS --> Tim Bayliss/any guy (either I'm a slut or I see him as one; I'd bet on the former) X-Files --> Mulder/Krycek, Mulder/Skinner, Skinner/Krycek, M/Sk/K (I guess this just proved my theory...) Law and Order --> Mike Logan/any guy The Practice --> Bobby/Eugene, hell, Bobby/any guy Star Wars --> Han Solo/Luke Skywalker, Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan Crossovers (I love crossovers) --> Methos/Mulder, Mulder/Bayliss, Mike Logan/Tim Bayliss, Methos/Bayliss, Methos/any of the guys on these shows... (what can I say, Methos gets me going)

>And also, for all you recent subscribers, if you have a webpage that you >would like a link to from the Witnesslist home page, please e-mail me on >list or off list with the address!

I only have one X-files story, so I don't know if my page would qualify, but it's on http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Pagoda/1668 and if it qualifies, please put it in?

from little Alex

From: steven@jeff-lynne.net (Steven Acevedo)

My pleasure in pairings

Law And Order - Logan/McCoy
Due South - Fraser/Vecchio

I've never seen a slash story on Magmum P.I. before but I heard there
was one for Kojak but that got taken down. :(

Mannix is another one I would like to see with anybody. :)
Ironside too as well as Adam-12.

From: "Barbara J. Webb" <magik@socket.net>

Of course, I ask this question without answering it myself. Seems hardly fair, so here goes.

I enjoy reading nearly anything I have a familiarity with, and many things that I don't have a clue about. I got into Due South by reading the slash before I'd hardly seen any of the show. I love anything and everything that falls under the heading of this list. Personal favorites include Mulder/Krycek, anything with Jack McCoy, Ray Kowalski with anyone -- especially Ray Vecchio, and Cooper/Albert.

As far as writing, I currently have open series in Due South, Law & Order, US Marshals, and planned excursions into Twin Peaks, Highlander, Babylon 5 and others.

So that's me.

Barbara -- Listmom/DA: Witnesslist https://members.tripod.com/wtnsslist
 Home -- Barb & Hth's Wonderful Worlds of Slash -- http://www.frontierz.com/socket

From: "Regan & Jerry" <motengtr@superior.net>

I joined the list hoping to catch a few good mysteries and maybe some crossovers. My favorite fandom, The Sentinel. I like my Sentinel with an edge, and J/B only. I read X-Files, S/M- Homicide, Bayliss and anyone- Man >From Uncle, N/I, just getting into Star Wars the Phantom Menace. I'm shallow, I like my pairings to be attractive, a size differance is a plus. Kink is older, younger. Slash it has to be slash.

Can't wait to see what you all come up with. Take care, everyone. Regan

From: "Andreanna Kincaid" <royster51@hotmail.com>

My pleasure is MORE MORE MORE Law and Order especially Ben Stone and Mike Logan. Also Jack McCoy and Mike Logan. How about Ben and Jack. Don't think I've ever seen anything with those to guys as a pairing. Might explain why Jack has such a dislike for Ben. Could it be that he was the one that got away from Jack and that's why he went after Mike in the first place?

From: HLLorelei@aol.com

In a message dated 99-09-10 14:08:39 EDT, Steven writes:

<< Mannix is another one I would like to see with anybody. :) Ironside too as well as Adam-12. >>

After spending hours watching the tapes of Adam-12 that a friend sent me I doubt if anyone can make a real go of a slash relationship between Pete and Jim. (Alice and I just had this conversation). My next thought is to try to make it work out between Pete and Max. There have been a few clues that they are close. The next best idea I've come up with is a cross universe.

A friend and I worked out our own universes using the guys off the "New Adam-12" and "New Dragnet". She gifted me with four or five for Birthdays and Christmases stories. And I've got a short series I've promised to my "favorite editor" for her zines.

As cute as Martin Milner was; Ethan Wayne (the Duke's youngest son) was even cuter. Just thinking about him ...... we won't go there. And Jeff Osterhage (?sp??) was a much nicer view than Jack Webb.

Sorry for the ramble



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