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The Witnesslist is a mailing list for fiction and discussion
of slash derived from cop shows and courtroom dramas.

The fiction included on this page may contain adult levels of violence and/or sexuality, as well as homosexual content.  If you are under 18, or easily offended by this sort of content, please leave now.
All fiction on this page is written for entertainment purposes only, and not for any profit.
All original fiction is copyrighted by the author, and all characters and settings belong to the studios and creators of the shows or movies from which they are borrowed.

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For an explanation and definition of the "slash" genre, please click here.

Witness List Archives:

Witness for the Prosecution
                -- Cops and lawyers slashed with other cops and lawyers.
    ** Updated 2/28 **

Witness for the Defense
                -- Cops and lawyers slashed with non law enforcement personnel (who are still friendlies)

Permission to Treat as Hostile
                -- Cops and lawyers slashed with those on the wrong side of the law
Inadmissible in Court
                 -- Law enforcement in Sci-Fi/Fantasy settings other than contemporary Earth
    ** Updated 2/28 **
                -- Poems inspired by our favorite characters   
The Lineup
                 -- All stories listed by author
Warrantless Search
                 -- All stories listed by fandom
                -- Posts concerning questions about the list
Who are these people?
                -- Links to webpages with information about the fandoms written about on Witnesslist

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Heather A. Watson, Police Commissioner

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