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Barb and Hth's Wonderful Worlds of Slash -- Slash fanfic crossover extravaganza

Bookhouse Boys -- Homepage of the Twin Peaks slash list, run by our own Tiriel

Dorothy -- Fanfic including Due South, Law & Order, and Twin Peaks

Frontiers Publishing -- Business side of Barbara and Hth

Gina -- A Tommy Lee Jones fan sight, including fiction, sound files, and links to the Tommy Lee Jones webring

Hth -- Sister page of WitnessList; slash fan fiction and home of Ladyslash list

Jenny -- Fanfic site including X-Files, Murder One, Due South, Psi Factor, Law & Order, Homicide, and more

Rauhnee Ranshanka -- Fanfic from many fandoms, including SWAT Cats, Highlander, the Sentinal, and Stargate SG-1

Rufus T. Firefly -- Law & Order Novella

Tiriel's Treats -- Lots of fanfic, including Joxererotica and Phantom Menace slash, as well as a bunch of extraordinary links to other slash sites. 

Wonderful World of Make Believe -- Fanfic site with stories from a ton of different fandoms!