Witness for the Prosecution

Stories involving cops and lawyers with other cops and lawyers.
All stories listed alphabetically by author and grouped by series where applicable.

Unaffiliated Stories, Series: At First Site, Kinks, The Fall, Conscience Cycle, You Were Always on my Mind, By the Light of the Moon, One Ray, Two Ray; Old Ray, New Ray

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Enough, Alison -- Twin Peaks 
    NC-17, DC/AR -- Angst....

The Night Before, Sharon Bowers -- Law & Order, NYPD Blue crossover ** NEW **
    PG-13, JK/AC -- ADA Carmichael has a godawful day, goes to a bar to drown her sorrows, and runs into a vaguely familiar detective from the 15th precinct.

Last Dance, DBKate -- Twin Peaks 
    PG-13, DC/AR -- A short fill-in for the "gay bar" scene in "Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes". Thanks to Tam for reminding me of it. Sorry, this is fluff, no angst (please don't kill me Alison!) I promise to make him miserable next time for a long story!

The Bureau, Hth -- X-Files, Twin Peaks crossover
NC-17, FM/DC -- Mulder is the investigating agent on a decidedly paranormal case in Twin Peaks, WA -- a case that involves fellow FBI extremist Agent Dale Cooper. Mulder's first sexual experience with a man. Time: Contemporary with "Momento Mori," roughly January 1997.

Close Enough for Government Work, Hth -- X-Files, Profiler crossover 
    NC-17, WS/BM -- Following Mulder into the field, Skinner has a chance to catch up with an old flame, Special Agent Bailey Malone.

Lawyered Up, part 1, Hth -- Law & Order, The Practice crossover
NC-17, ML/BD, ML/JM -- Mike Logan doesn't like lawyers; he definitely doesn't date lawyers.   And if he did, he still wouldn't date slick Boston lawyers who defend suspects that Logan arrested.

Lawyered Up, part 2, Hth -- Law & Order, The Practice crossover 
    NC-17 -- see summary and paring information in part 1.

Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen, Hth -- Law & Order, The Practice crossover
NC-17, AC/HG -- Helen takes some much needed time off to go visit her friend, Debra Curtis.

Trinity, After Midnight, Hth -- X-Files
PG-13, FM/WS -- An overture, of sorts, from Mulder to Skinner. Time: Less than an hour after "Redux II."

Cost of Living, Jennifer Lyon -- Law & Order
    NC-17, BS/ML -- A heat-wave causes an explosion of violence on NYC, catching Ben Stone and Mike Logan right in the middle. (Hurt/comfort alert)

Cascade, Dorothy Marley -- Law & Order
    PG, ML -- After the arrest of Father Joe Krolinsky, Mike has a talk with his father.

Private Letters of Albert Rosenfield, Dorothy Marley -- Twin Peaks 
    PG-13, DC/AR -- Albert writes a letter
Sequel to "The Secret Tapes of Dale Cooper"

The Secret Tapes of Dale Cooper, Dorothy Marley -- Twin Peaks 
    PG-13, DC/AR -- Cooper didn't address all his tapes to Dianne

Excuse Me, Sir, Who's in Charge Here?, Lucy Renfrew -- US Marshals
NC-17, NN/SG -- PWP

Happy Birthday, Fraser, Birgitt Schuknecht -- Due South 
    PG, RV/BF -- This is an answer to the RSY Whipping Cream Challenge. Ray's jealousy ends in disaster.

No Laughing Matter, Birgitt Schuknect -- Due South 
    PG, BF/RV -- It's not the first time Fraser has to save a life, but this time it's surely different.
Sequel to Happy Birthday, Fraser

Two of a Kind, Birgitt Schuknecht -- Due South 
    PG, RV/BF -- Ray Vecchio and Benton Fraser at the beginning of their biggest challenge.

Waiting For..., Birgitt Schuknecht -- Due South
    G, RV/BF -- Ray and Fraser are waiting....

You are Family, Birgitt Schuknecht -- Due South 
    PG, RV/BF -- Ray Vecchio coming to terms with a part of his Italian heritage.

Fraser's Game, Barbara J. Webb -- Due South 
    NC-17, RK/BF -- It's all just a game until someone gets hurt.

Uppercut, Barbara J. Webb -- Due South 
    NC-17, RK/BF -- PWP

At First Site ** NEW**
Law & Order series by Dorothy Marley

Logan/Other, Logan/Stone. NC-17.
Summary: Officer Mike Logan's father was a beat cop his entire career, and Mike wonders if he's destined to follow in his footsteps. It's not long, though, before he
encounters a sequence of cases that will change his life, and, perhaps more importantly, a man who makes him realize that he doesn't have to spend that life alone. 

By Our Eyes part 1

By Our Eyes, part 2

Another Country

Faithful Love

Kinks ** NEW**
Law & Order: SVU  series by De Orakle -- in progress

Auto-Exhaustive Asphixiation
R, BC/JM -- Brian gets a lesson.

    PG-13, BC/JM -- Lesson # 2

    R, BC/JM -- Will an intoxicated Brian remember his third lesson in the morning?

Feta Cheese
    NC-17, BC/JM -- A jacket proves distracting.

    NC-17, BC/JM -- Brian returns Munch's jacket.

The Fall  
Twin Peaks Series by Tiriel


Approach II 








Conscience Cycle
Due South Series by Birgitt Schuknecht

Conscience of a Friend  
    R -- Ray Vecchio finds a friend.

Conscience of a Knight  
    R, m/m; sequel to Conscience of a Friend

Conscience of a Prince  
    PG; sequel to Conscience of a Knight

Conscience of a King  
    PG; sequel to Conscience of a Prince

Conscience of a Priest  
    PG; sequel to Conscience of a King

Conscience of a God  
    PG; sequel to Conscience of a Priest

You Were Always on my Mind
US Marshals Series by Barbara J. Webb -- in progress

I Guess I Never Told You
    NC-17, NN/SG -- First time story, with Sam suddenly noticing what's under his nose.

As Good As I Could Have  
    NC-17, SG/NN -- Noah must decide how much he's willing to take in order to hold on to a relationship with Sam.

Tell Me About It
    NC-17, RV/CR (Due South Crossover) -- A chance encounter gives two men a chance to vent

By the Light of the Moon
Law and Order Series by Barbara J. Webb -- in progress

Prelude -- Mare Imbrium
NC-17, ML/BS -- Memories and Nightmares haunt Mike Logan in the aftermath of Ben's departure.

Chapter 1 -- Locus Smiorum
    NC-17, ML/BS -- Ben is gone, but the dreams of him won't leave Mike alone.

Chapter 2 -- Oceanus Procellarum
    NC-17, ML/JM -- In the wake of a loss, two men find dubious comfort with each other.

Chapter 3 -- Mare Undarum  
    NC-17, ML/JM -- Irresistible force meets immoveable object as Mike and Jack face off. 

One Ray, Two Ray; Old Ray, New Ray
Due South Series by Barbara J. Webb

*Series nominated for award in 10 categories in the First Annual Due South Fan Fiction Awards* (6/99)

Not the Real Ray
NC-17, BF/RK -- The opening shot, a Fraser/Ray first time story where our heroes find happiness in one another's arms, albeit in the long shadow of another man named Ray.

No Ship Like Partnership
  NC-17, BF/RK -- A few ruffled feathers are smoothed and a few insecurities laid -- for the moment -- to rest.
    Sequel to Not the Real Ray

NC-17, BF/RK -- PWP in the kitchen, with Italian food, law enforcement, and -- uh, law enforcement covered in Italian food.
    Sequel to No Ship Like Partnership

My God, It's Full of Stars  
    NC-17, BF/RK -- PWP Fraser and Ray take an education outing.
Sequel to Sauce

Liquor, Guns, and Ammo
NC-17, RK/RV -- Takes place in the break between first and second season, with a woman who vacates the Kowalski bed and the man who steps in.

Reflections I: Trust and Loyalty
NC-17, RK/RV -- A whirlwind Ray romance, complicated by a Mountie in love and a man in love with a Mountie.
    Sequel to Liquor, Guns, and Ammo

Asylum, Take 2
NC-17, RK/BF -- A gloss on the episode "Asylum" -- when the Inspector's away, not even an international incident can keep Fraser and Ray from taking advantage of an unattended Consulate.
    Sequel to Sauce

Twist Tied  
    NC-17, RK/RV -- Flashback madness! Ray Vecchio and his trusty handcuffs...need we say more?
    Sequel to Trust and Loyalty

Ain't Over Until the Mountie Sings
  NC-17, RK/RV --Another flashback, and how Ray-on-Ray action went hopelessly out of style.
    Sequel to Trust and Loyalty

NC-17, RK/BF -- Raymond is Ray, the Mountie missed out, and the real Ray Vecchio has some explaining to do -- once they get out of the shower.
Sequel to Asylum, Take 2

Tell Me About It
    NC-17, RV/CR (US Marshals crossover) -- A chance encounter gives two men a chance to vent
Sequel to Confessions

Mounted on the Bounty  
    PG, RK/BF -- Hijinks on the lake put a strain on Ray and Fraser's relationship
Sequel to Confessions

Reflections 2: Lust and Loneliness  
R, RK/BF -- A mafia hit man in custody affects the lives of Fraser and the two Rays in unforeseen ways.
Sequel to Mounted on the Bounty

That Was the Last Guy's Name  
R, RK/BF -- First in Call of the Wild Cycle
Sequel to Reflections 2

Reflections 3: Compassion and Loss  
    NC-17, BF/RV -- Fraser and Ray take a moment to themselves for a private reunion
Sequel to That was the Last Guy's Name

Call of the Wild  
    PG-13, BF/RK -- What they were *really* thinking during the episode
Sequel to Reflections 3

Reflections 4: Love and Sacrifice  
     NC-17, BF/RK -- Last in the Call of the Wild cycle
Sequel to Call of the Wild

In From the Cold*
    NC-17, BF/RK -- Coming home isn't always as easy as it should be.
Sequel to Reflections 4

    NC-17, BF/RK/RV -- If one is good, two is better....
Sequel to In From the Cold

Its Own Reward*
    NC-17, RK/RV -- On the prospect of returning to Canada, Ray gets cold feet.
Sequel to Menage-A-Ray

Into the Sunset*
    NC-17 -- Final installment in the series.