Permission to Treat as Hostile
Cops and Lawyers with people they shouldn't be touching.

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Halloween Fairy Tale, little Alex -- X-Files ** NEW **

It's All Happening Again, little Alex -- X-Files ** NEW **
  R, FM/AK -- Mulder's first person p.o.v., somewhat addressed to Scully

Meeting Alex Krycek -- little Alex and Sarah -- X-Files ** NEW **
    R, FM/AK -- terma November round-robin challenge

Beg, Borrow, Steal Away, Hth -- X-Files
PG, FM/AK -- Written for the Short Short Eggbeater Challenge on XSlash. Mulder finds his stray lover someplace unexpected.Time: Indeterminate, but definitely the future.

Stroke of Luck, Hth -- X-Files
NC-17, FM/AK -- The opening salvo of what I intend to make a multi-part M/K series. Krycek places himself in the hands of the FBI in order to deliver an old message.
Time: Three weeks before the episode "Gethsemane," roughly late April or early May, 1997.

Thank You For Not Smoking, Hth -- X-Files, Pretender crossover
NC-17, DS/Miss P -- Conspiracy meets conspiracy, and Dana Scully, scourge of the Syndicate, meets Miss Parker, scion of the Centre. Time: Between the episodes "Bad Blood" and "Patient X."

Seven Deadly Sins, Birgitt Schuknecht -- Due South
    NC-17 -- Seven nights with Ray Vecchio